We certify your products

We certify your products


Your innovation and our safety skills are your guarantee of a successful product. Thanks to our years of experience in the field of CE conformity and safety regulations, we are in a position to provide you with competent support.

What does CE conformity mean?

In Switzerland, the same safety regulations apply to machines and many other products as in the EU. Within the framework of CE conformity, manufacturers undertake to confirm on their own account that their products satisfy safety and health requirements. They bear full responsibility for the safety of their products. A type examination (prototype test) is mandatory for certain machines and components that bear an inherent risk of danger. This also applies to most types of personal protection equipment. A voluntary type-examination test is possible for all other products.

What do manufacturers gain from type examinations carried out by SuvaPro CERTIFICATION?

The extent to which a product complies with safety and health regulations is examined and certified in a prototype test conducted by a neutral authority. For you the manufacturer, this is a convincing sales argument since customers are devoting an increasing amount of attention to safety when purchasing machines.

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