Suva: an overview

Suva: an overview

Active since 1918, Suva has a total workforce of around 4200 employees working at its head office in Lucerne, at its 18 agencies throughout Switzerland and at its two rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon and Sion. An independent public corporation with a premium volume in the amount of CHF 4.2 billion, it insures around 127,000 companies or 1.98m working people against the consequences of accidents and occupational diseases. Unemployed people are automatically insured with Suva. Since 2005, Suva has also been responsible for military insurance by government mandate. Suva generates premiums to the approximate amount of CHF4.2bn. Suva's range of services encompasses prevention, insurance and rehabilitation. Suva is self-supporting, operates without any state subsidies and returns any profits to its insurees in the form of lower premiums. Suva's social partners – employers and employees – are represented on the Board of Directors, as is the Swiss federal government.

Corporate film

Free from facts and figures, Suva’s corporate film “Life demands courage” shows how Suva wishes to accompany its insurees through life. While the aim of the film is to encourage people to take decisions, only people who feel secure can be courageous. Suva can offer this security – in full awareness that this feeling of security must never lead to recklessness.

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Corporate brochure

Many people face hazards in their professional work. Some people look for thrills in their leisure time. Everyone has to face the challenges of everyday life time and again. That takes courage and strong support. Check out the company brochure to find out how you can always count on Suva.

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The Suva model

  • Suva is more than just an insurance company: it combines prevention, insurance and rehabilitation.
  • Suva is managed by the social partners. The balanced composition of its Board of Directors, which is composed of representatives of the employers, employees and the Swiss Confederation enables it to find sustainable solutions that meet with wide acceptance.
  • Suva returns any profits to its insurees in the shape of lower premiums.
  • Suva is self-supporting; it does not receive any state subsidies.

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Prevention, insurance and rehabilitation

Suva’s three core business areas are prevention, insurance and rehabilitation. For the purpose of rehabilitation, Suva has its own clinics in Bellikon(The link will open in a new window)  and Sion(The link will open in a new window) .

Suva communicates this wide range of services under the following brands:

  • SuvaPro (occupational safety)
  • SuvaLiv (leisuretime safety)
  • SuvaRisk (premiums and capital investment)
  • SuvaCare (claims management and rehabilitation).

Board of Directors

Suva’s Board of Directors is composed of:

  • 16 representatives of the employees
  • 16 representatives of the employers
  • 8 representatives of the Swiss Confederation