safe care

SuvaCare – Modern claims management and holistic rehabilitation

SuvaCare puts the focus of its attention on people.

In the aftermath of an accident, SuvaCare offers comprehensive care in the shape of advice, insurance benefits and medical care through to rehabilitation.

Suva is the only insurance company to operate its own rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon and Sion for the reintegration of accident victims. These centres treat not only the physical and mental consequences of accidents, but also give full consideration to the social and occupational aspects of rehabilitation.

Effective from 1st July 2005, Switzerland’s military insurance, which is the country’s oldest social insurance institution, was integrated into Suva. Nevertheless, the military insurance will remain an independent social insurance system with its own legislation and will continue to be financed by the Swiss Confederation.

An accident can have a drastic effect on your life. SuvaCare stands for integral claims management, From the accident report and medical care through to rehabilitation in Suva's own rehabilitation Clinics in Bellikon and Sion.

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