The universe of European standards for electromagnetic compatibility


      The universe of European standards for electromagnetic compatibility
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      In our fact sheet, we describe how to make your way through the universe of standards for electromagnetic compatibility. The most important thing to remember is thatthe EMC Directive 2014/30/EU is at the heart of it all. Three types of standards “orbit” around it:

      • The generic standards apply everywhere that product family standards and product standards do not.
      • The product family standards apply to groups of similar products where no specific product standard exists for the product concerned.
      • The product standards on the other hand define the EMC requirements for individual products and product groups.

      You will find specific examples for each of the three groups in the fact sheet. For example, the EN 61000-6-2 generic standard defines EMC interference immunity requirements for industrial environments; product family standard EN 12016 governs immunity for lifts, escalators and moving walkways; and the EN 50293 product standard defines electromagnetic compatibility for road traffic signal systems.

      The universe of standards is not only expansive, it is also constantly changing. We always keep up to date and are happy to advise you on the EMC Directive and European standards for electromagnetic compatibility.

      For further information, please visit the websites of the Swiss Association for Standardization SNV and Electrosuisse as well as our Product certification page.

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