Interim accident insurance

  • Interim accident insurance extends compulsory insurance cover against non-occupational accidents for up to six months.
  • You are also covered against non-occupational accidents outside of Switzerland.
  • Interim accident insurance must be taken out and paid for before your compulsory non-occupational accident insurance expires.

Close the insurance gap

If you are giving up your job or taking unpaid leave, you are insured against non-occupational accidents for 31 days starting from your last working day. The same rule applies to persons who are no longer entitled to unemployment allowances.
Once this 31 days period has expired, you no longer enjoy accident coverage – this can be costly. So close this insurance gap with interim accident insurance and benefit from up to six additional months of insurance cover.

Extended cover against accidents

By taking out interim accident insurance, you extend your compulsory non-occupational accident insurance:

If you take out interim accident insurance with your previous insurer before your one-month additional coverage period expires, you can extend your insurance cover for non-occupational accidents by up to six months. Insurance benefits are provided in accordance with the provisions of the AIA. For accidents occurring after retirement (withdrawal from the labour market), there is no entitlement to daily benefits.

Am I eligible for insurance?

Yes, if you have been working at least eight hours per week in a company insured at Suva or are entitled to unemployment allowances. Please note: For seamless Suva interim accident insurance coverage, the most recent day on which you were entitled to at least half your salary must be no more than 30 days in the past.

How much does it cost?

The premium is CHF 45 per month. After payment, you will receive an insurance certificate that is internationally valid.

Insured worldwide

If you are covered against non-occupational accidents, you are also insured with Suva outside Switzerland.

Insurance benefits include, for example, medical treatment, rescue and recovery measures, and travel and transportation considered necessary on medical grounds.

How to report an accident?
Contact your Suva agency as soon as possible, by phone on 0848 820 820.


Take out interim accident insurance

By simply

conclude an insurance 

you can take out Suva interim accident insurance directly by credit card, PostFinance Card, Twint or through PayPal for CHF 45 per month.

Please contact your local Suva agency if you are not able to take out insurance online or make payment electronically: Agencies and adresses  

Interim accident insurance must be taken out and paid for before your compulsory non-occupational accident insurance expires. Before you extend your cover against non-occupational accidents, please take note of the following:

  • Interim accident insurance cannot be cancelled and premium refunds are not possible. Therefore, interim accident insurance should only be taken out for the period that is known to be required (minimum duration: 1 month). An existing interim accident insurance agreement can be extended up to a maximum of six months if necessary.
  • If you wish to extend your insurance cover beyond the statutory six-month period, we recommend that you have accident insurance included in your regular health insurance cover.
  • Occupational accident risks cannot be covered by interim accident insurance as only non-occupational accident insurance cover is continued.
  • Unemployed persons entitled to unemployment allowances are insured by Suva against accidents.
  • Anyone providing military or civil service or civil protection is covered by military insurance. Military insurance policyholders cannot take out interim accident insurance. Any active interim accident insurance policy is suspended during military or civil service or civil protection service.
  • Insurance cover is only valid if the details you have given are correct.