Do-it-yourself module «Safer cycling thanks to virtual reality» Here are the instructions that you need to ensure success.

Tell your employees
  • about what you're proposing to do (by email, noticeboard, Intranet) and invite them to attend the presentation.
    Tip: At the end of page of these instructions you will find an email template that you can fill in.
  • that they should display the posters that have been ordered in busy places for at least four weeks.
  • Tip: Combine the campaign with the Bike-to-Work Challenge   
Using the module 
  • Position the virtual headsets and the quickscreen in a quiet place.
  • Safety advice: Participants should be seated while watching the film.
  • Talk to participants and ask them what they will take away from the experience.
  • Gather feedback from senior managers and employees about the various steps taken.
  • Tell employees the conclusions from all the feedback.

Template for an information email to your employees

(Naturally, you can amend the template to suit your needs.)

Dear colleagues,

We have all been there: stressed out, distracted and thinking about our next appointment, we sit on our bikes or scooters or in the car. Suddenly a child unexpectedly crosses the road or a car door opens.

In Switzerland, there are 18,000 cycling accidents in traffic every year. And the trend is rising. 

With our module «Safer cycling thanks to virtual reality», we are appealing to all road users to be more vigilant. Wearing a virtual reality headset, you are plunged into the world of a cyclist in busy traffic. You see for yourself where the hazards are lurking. Call in and find out what it means to «anticipate hazards on the road».

Thank you for taking part. We hope you enjoy it.

Date, time

Takes max. 10 minutes per person