Suva’s Board of Directors includes employees’ and employers’ representatives as well as federal representatives.

The Suva Council 2020 - 2023

  • Suva is a company under public law and is responsible for its own administration.
  • With 16 employees’ representatives, 16 employers’ representatives and 8 representatives from the Swiss Confederation, the composition of the Suva Council puts clear emphasis on social partnership.
  • Gabriele Gendotti has been Chairman of the Suva Council since 2018.
Chairman 1st Deputy Chairman 2nd Deputy Chairman

Gabriele Gendotti*

Daniel Lampart*

Kurt Gfeller*

Federal representatives

Employees’ representatives Employers’ representatives

Séverine Arnold,
University of Lausanne

Renzo Ambrosetti,
Unia trade union

Thierry Bianco,

Reto Babst,
Cantonal Hospital

Thomas Bauer,

Thomas Bösch,
Employers' Association of Basel Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Service Industries

Franziska Bitzi Staub,
City council Lucerne

Vincent Brodard,
Swiss Transport Workers Union (SEV)

Myra Fischer-Rosinger,

Gabriele Gendotti*,

Tanja Brülisauer,
Transfair staff association

Gabriela Gerber,
Swiss brewery association

Philippe Maeder,

Judith Bucher,
Verband des Personals öffentlicher Dienste (vpod)

Kurt Gfeller*,
Swiss Trade Association

Markus Notter*,

Nicole de Cerjat,
Swiss Association of Commercial Employees

Silvia Huber-Meier,
Federation of Swiss Food Industries

Pascal Richoz,
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

Arno Kerst*,
Syna trade union

Thomas Iten,
Verband Schweizerischer Schreinermeister und Möbelfabrikanten (VSSM)

Barbara Schaerer,
Muri b. Bern

Daniel Lampart*,
Swiss Federation of Trade Unions

Reto Jaussi,
Schweizerischer Nutzfahrzeugverband (ASTAG)

Nico Lutz*,
Unia trade union

Gian-Luca Lardi,
Swiss Contractors' Association (SBV)

Urs Masshardt,
Hotel & Gastro Union

François Matile,
Employers’ Federation of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry

Christine Michel,
Unia trade union

Gerhard Moser*,
Schweizerischer Baumeisterverband

Corrado Pardini,
Unia trade union

Roland A. Müller*,
Swiss Employers’ Federation

Giorgio Pardini,
Syndicom trade union

Roman Rogger,
Swiss Trade

Véronique Polito,
Unia trade union

Thomas Schaffter,
Employers’ Association of the graphic Industry (viscom)

Renato Ricciardi,
Organizzazione Cristiano Sociale Ticinese (OCST) trade union

Kareen Vaisbrot,

Janine Wicki,
Personalverband des Bundes (PVB)


As at: 01.01.2021

*Member of the Suva Council Committee

Financial Supervisory Commission Real Estate Supervisory Commission Military Insurance Commission

Roman Rogger (Chair) 
Urs Masshardt
Judith Bucher
Kurt Gfeller
Franziska Bitzi Staub

Renzo Ambrosetti (Chair)
Thierry Bianco
Philippe Maeder
Urs Masshardt Gerhard Moser

Barbara Schaerer (Chair)
Thomas Bösch Urs Masshardt
Markus Notter