Annual Report

  • The Annual Report provides information about the past financial year
  • The abridged version provides some interesting insights into Suva

As a PDF or a printed summary

2017 was a successful financial year for Suva, but also an intense and eventful one. The insurance benefits paid out were in line with our estimates. Our investments achieved an above-average performance of 7.8 per cent. Suva thus increased its financial coverage ratio from 136 per cent in the previous year to 143 per cent. All long-term obligations, in particular around 88,000 pensions, have solid cover and will remain secured even in the event of a financial crisis. The operating income of CHF 302 million was very pleasing.

Read the full version of the Annual Report   (PDF) or the abridged version (PDF or print) to find out all about the past financial year as well as the developments we have made in terms of prevention in our insurance business and in rehabilitation.


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