• Suva provides compulsory insurance cover for employees and the unemployed against accidents and occupational diseases.
  • The Suva model combines prevention, insurance and rehabilitation.
  • Suva is self-supporting; it does not receive any public funding and returns any profits to its insurees in the form of lower premiums.

More than just an insurance company

Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, is an important part of Switzerland’s social security system. As an independent company under public law, Suva insures people at work and at leisure.

Suva does not just help people after an accident or in case of an occupational disease. Its services go beyond compulsory insurance cover after an accident.
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The Suva model

This film briefly explains why Suva is more than just an insurance company.

Its prevention programmes in the occupational and leisure-time safety sector prevent accidents and occupational diseases. At the same time, they promote safety culture within the company, raise risk awareness and encourage personal responsibility.
About half of Switzerland’s workforce are insured with Suva. With risk-based premiums and its sustainable investment policy, Suva supports Switzerland as a workplace. Suva is self-supporting – it does not receive any public funding. Any profits return to its insurees in the form of lower premiums.
Following an accident, Suva offers comprehensive care. Suva does not just pay for treatment costs. It accompanies and assists insurees during the rehabilitation phase. It offers ideal conditions, with its own doctors and two rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon and Sion. Furthermore, it supports accident victims during their reintegration into the workplace. Suva’s holistic claims management contributes to people having better chances of healing and returning quickly to everyday life and daily work.
Suva is Switzerland’s largest accident insurer. Suva employs about 4,200 staff at the head office in Lucerne, in 18 agencies throughout Switzerland and at the two rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon and Sion.
Overview of Suva’s key figures

Suva is a healthy company. Have a look at the latest figures from the Annual Report.

Suva’s Annual Report

Suva employees are fair, competent, courteous and result-oriented when serving customers.


High customer benefit is of central importance. Therefore, Suva pursues the following five objectives:

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Be a role model in terms of safety and health at work and at leisure
  • Remain the national leader in personal injury management
  • Use core competencies for building new business areas
  • Help shape healthcare and get involved in solving social issues
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We are here at your service. Contact us via e-mail, social media, telephone or in person at one of our 18 offices. Locations and addresses at a glance.

Agencies and addresses
Suva commences operation. Its mission includes providing compulsory accident insurance and supervising occupational safety in companies. Over time, further services are constantly developed in the prevention, insurance and rehabilitation sectors.

The rehabilitation clinic in Bellikon opens, followed in 1999 by the Clinique romande de réadaption in Sion.

The new Federal Accident Insurance Act (AIA) goes into effect. Accident insurance becomes compulsory for all employees. Besides Suva, now other insurance carriers are also allowed to offer compulsory accident insurance. At the same time, Suva’s Occupational Safety Department is reorganised.

Since 2005, Suva has managed military insurance on behalf of the Swiss Confederation.

Swiss Parliament approves the revision of the Federal Accident Insurance Act (AIA). This completes a process that had begun in 2006. The approved proposal corresponds in most points to the compromise drawn up by the social partners and insurance carriers.
Suva’s head office in Lucerne

Discover further important events in Suva’s history

Suva’s history

The Board of Management

HIRESCG19-09-16_DSF1043.jpg, Geschäftsleitung, GL, Hubert Niggli, Edith Müller, Felix Weber, Daniel Roscher, fröhlich

Suva’s Board of Management (left to right):Hubert Niggli, Edith Müller, Felix Weber and Daniel Roscher.

The Board of Management is the highest managing and executive operational body and represents Suva externally.

The members of the Board are responsible for the management of the company and for preparing business matters and implementing decisions taken by the Suva Council, its committees and commissions.

The Chairman of the Board of Management supervises the departments and bears the overall responsibility towards the Suva Council for the operational management of the company.
Felix Weber
Curriculum vitae

Felix Weber has been the Chairman of the Board of Management since January 2016. He is in charge of the Clients and Partners Department. He is also President of the Board of Trustees of the bfu (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention) and of the FCOS (Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety). Weber has been a member of the Board of Management since 2009. During this time he was in charge of the Insurance Benefits and Rehabilitation Department. He was responsible for claims management at Suva, the two rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon (Canton Aargau) and Sion (Canton Valais), military insurance and part of the agency network.

Before joining Suva, Weber worked at Concordia, a health and accident insurance company in Lucerne. There, he was responsible for the Market business unit as a member of the Executive Board and for sales of the Private and corporate clients business and for marketing. Felix Weber joined Concordia after working in various management-level positions for Zurich Insurance for ten years. Felix Weber was born in 1965. He studied at the University of St. Gallen with a focus on risk management and insurance. In addition, he completed the Senior Executive Programme at the London Business School in 2014.

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Daniel Roscher
Curriculum vitae

Daniel Roscher has been a member of the Board of Management since 1 January 2016. He is in charge of the Insurance Benefits and Rehabilitation Department. In this capacity he is also responsible for military insurance, the two rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon (Canton Aargau) and Sion (Canton Valais) and part of the agency network. In addition, he is chair of the Medical Tariff Commission UVG (AIA) and a member of the SwissDRG AG Board of Directors. Daniel Roscher has worked for Suva since 1997 and was Director of the Zurich agency. Since 2011 he has also been Process Controller for claims management for the entire Suva company.

Daniel Roscher began his professional career in 1983 as a claims handler at Zurich Insurance. He acquired management experience in various management roles at Zurich Insurance and expanded his specialist knowledge. In 1993 he moved to Limmat Insurance Company and Swiss Mobiliar as Head of Claims. In 1995 he returned to Zurich Insurance and worked for two years in the Zurich City business unit as Head of Personal Insurance, Corporate Clients (claims and underwriting).

Daniel Roscher was born in 1962. He grew up in Opfikon in Canton Zurich. He completed a commercial apprenticeship at Zurich Insurance. He qualified as a business administrator at the AKAD University of Applied Sciences in Zurich and earned an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich. He has been a member of the Arbitration Court for Social Insurance of Canton Zurich since 2007 and since 2011 has been a lecturer in claims management at the HFV (College for Insurance). In addition he acts as Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the WFJB (Foundation for Living Space for Young People with Disabilities).

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Edith Mueller

Curriculum Vitae

Edith Müller Loretz has been a Member of the Board of Management since 1 April 2019 and is the Head of the Health Protection and Personnel Department. In this role, she is responsible for the divisions Occupational Medicine, Occupational Safety, Lucerne and Lausanne, Prevention Services and Occupational Health Protection. She also manages six Suva agencies, in Bellinzona, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Delémont, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne and Sion. She is also a member of the employee pension committee for the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu), for which she is also a member of the board of trustees.

Edith Müller Loretz joined Suva in 1998 as snow sports campaign manager and took on the overall management of prevention campaigns ten years later. From 2011, she was responsible for the leisure-time safety and, most recently, spent five years in charge of all of Suva’s Prevention Services. A qualified druggist, Loretz studied business administration at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In addition to a course of further study focussing on tourism and leisure at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, she completed a management training programme at the SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen as well as CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) courses at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW in the field of corporate communication and work and organisational psychology. Edith Müller Loretz was born in 1968, grew up in the canton of Lucerne and is honorary chairwoman of the management board for a non-profit women’s association in Kriens.

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Curriculum Vitae

Hubert Niggli has been a Member of the Board of Management and headed up the Finance and Information Technology Department since 1 July 2019. In this role, he is responsible for the Finance, Real Estate and Actuarial Practice Divisions, as well as for Suva’s agencies in Chur/Linth, St. Gallen, Wetzikon, Winterthur and Zurich.

Niggli joined Suva in 2003 as Head of Quantitative Research and Risk Management and has managed the Finance Division since 2006. In this position, he was responsible for asset management and significantly contributed to the above-average performance of Suva’s investments over the last few years. He was also responsible for accounting and financial control in this role. Before joining Suva, he worked in reinsurance as an underwriter and risk analyst at Converium Ltd. Niggli has a doctorate in Physics and has played an active role in research, both in Switzerland and abroad. Born in Lucerne in 1968, Hubert Niggli lives in the canton of Zug today and is married with two children.

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Organisation chart

Suva’s organisation chart is subdivided into four departments.

Suva’s organisation chart   

Composition of the Board of Directors..

Employees’ and employers’ representatives as well as Federal representatives are members of the Suva Council.

Suva is a company under public law. It is responsible for its own administration.

The Suva Council is comprised of 16 employees’ representatives, 16 employers’ representatives and 8 people representing the Swiss Confederation. Since the revised AIA entered into force, the ordinary term of office for the Suva Council is four years, with the current term ending on 31 December 2023.

The social partner composition of the Suva Council   enables broad-based, sustainable solutions.

Portrait of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Markus Dürr

Gabriele Gendotti has been the President of the Suva Council since 2018.