Suva’s head office in Lucerne

Suva’s history

  • Suva commences operation in 1918. Its mission includes providing compulsory accident insurance and supervising occupational safety in companies. Over time, further services are added in the prevention, insurance and rehabilitation sectors.
  • In 1974 the Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic is opened. The Clinique romande de réadaptation follows in 1999.
  • Suva has managed accident insurance for the unemployed (AIU) since 1996 on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and military insurance (MV) since 2005.

Suva – a Swiss success story

The history of Suva goes back to changing conditions and accident risks at the workplace with the beginning of industrialisation.

The first milestone towards compulsory accident insurance is laid by the Swiss voters in 1877 with the adoption of the Federal Factory Act. It limits working hours and protects women and children in particular.

In 1890 the mandate for implementing health and accident insurance is enshrined in the Swiss Constitution. However, the Swiss people do not pass this national – and for a large part of the working population compulsory – accident insurance and health insurance into law until 4 February 1912. That same year, the Swiss Confederation commissions  the founding of the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, today known as Suva.

Delayed by the First World War and the General Strike, Suva commences operation in 1918.

Milestones in Suva’s history

1914 to 1974

1984 to 1999

2003 to 2015


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