Checklist of requirements for machinery: Annex I, Section 1


Check list of requirements for machines according to Annex I, Sections 2 to 6 ofEC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
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Would you like to know which essential safety and health protection requirements your machinery needs to meet in order to be certified in line with the EC Machinery Directive? This checklist can help.

The checklist is structured in line with Section 1 of Annex I of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Read through the checklist point by point so that you can go into the certification process well-prepared. Use the "Verification" section to make notes on where information for the respective questions can be found in the technical documentation. This will reduce everyone's workload during the examination.

A template is included at the end of the checklist for you to add these verification references and any other comments you may wish to include. Make copies of this and enter your comments with reference to the question concerned. This can help you keep the checklist more concise, while still giving you sufficient space to note down everything you need.

Once you have submitted it, the certification body will enter its assessment on the checklist. You can find further information on certification on our website .

Download the checklist now to make sure you cover all aspects of the essential health and safety requirements.

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