Schedule of fees for product certification in the Technology Section


      Schedule of fees for product certification, Certification body SCESp 0008, Technology Section
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      In order to successfully launch a new invention in Switzerland and the EU, manufacturers and distributors require a particular "ticket": CE certification.Each year, numerous companies contract us to carry out type-examinations and conformity assessments.This schedule of fees informs you about the wide range of services we offer and makes our conditions clear.

      Our accredited certification body in the Technology Section specialises in the following areas:

      • Safety technology assessments for machinery, safety components and safety controllers, personal protection equipment for fall prevention (PPEFP) and low voltage switching devices
      • Carrying out CE processes that provide information regarding the conformity assessment procedure to ensure comprehensive quality assurance
      • Product certifications

      In this schedule of fees, you will find our services, the respective hourly rates for our work and consultations with our safety engineers, as well as administration costs. Our conditions are based on the current fees charged by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (KBOB/SIA regulations).

      For further information on the topic, please visit our Product certification and CE consultation pages.

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