Be careful with lasers! Handling laser equipment safely


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      Lasers are a useful and versatile tool. They are used in everything from industrial cutting and welding to medical treatment, light shows and even pointing devices for giving presentations. But they should be handled with caution: laser beams focus radiation energy into a single beam of light, which can potentially cause damage to eyes and skin tissue, ignite fires and release toxic substances. If you work with lasers, you have a duty to be aware of the risks involved and take all the necessary protective measures.

      You can find out how to do this by reading our brochure. The following overview of the various laser classes shows the potential risk they pose and the safety measures they require:

      • Laser classes 1, 1M and 1C: low risk
      • Laser classes 2 and 2M: moderate risk
      • Laser classes 3R, 3B and 4: high risk; may only be used by specially trained staff in shielded spaces

      An entire section of this brochure is devoted to the use of lasers in production facilities and laser laboratories. We also offer advice on how to use laser safety goggles correctly and provide an overview of the applicable laws, regulations and standards, as well as the relevant limits that apply. A checklist is provided to help you prepare for regular safety audits.

      By implementing safety measures such as wearing laser safety goggles, you can ensure that your facility offers a safe environment for using lasers.

      Further information is available on our website under Laser protection and radioactivity.

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