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      Insurance for entrepreneurs
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      Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy.However, as a self-employed person, you will also be well aware thatif you can't work because of an accident or illness, you don't generate any income.That's where our insurance for entrepreneurs comes in.

      Here are the key points:

      • This insurance covers the costs of treatment after an accident.This includes the expenses for physiotherapy or staying in one of Suva's own rehabilitation clinics.
      • Daily allowance: if, for example, you suffer an accident on a construction site and become unable to work, you'll be covered for up to 80 percent of your insured income,with no time limits.
      • If the worst comes to pass and you lose your life, your spouse and children will receive a pension or lump-sum benefit.

      We're committed to making sure that you can return to working life as quickly as possible after an accident or occupational disease.Our Case Management team will provide you with personal support to help you on your journey back into work.

      You can also rest assured that our insurance for entrepreneurs comes with no deductibles, excess or maximum cover amount for medical expenses and hospital fees.

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