EU declaration of conformity for PFPE – example


EC declaration of conformity for personal protective equipment against falls from a height- Example
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A declaration of conformity is a passport that opens up the markets of Switzerland, the EU and EEA for your product. But what does one of these documents look like for personal fall protection equipment?

As a manufacturer or distributor, it is your responsibility to develop and sell safe products. If your PFPE has been tested by a notified body, you can prove this with a declaration of conformity. This document is central to a successful market launch and contains information such as details about your company, the standards, the notification body and the type-examination. You must also have the declaration translated into the languages of the countries to which you are supplying the product.

To help you ensure that you have all of the correct information in your EU declaration of conformity, our publication includes:

  • General explanations with information as to the legal aspects
  • The meaning of the individual sections
  • An example of a declaration of conformity for PFPE

The guidance in our fact sheet is based on the specifications of the Swiss and European Ordinances on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment.

For further information on the topic, please visit our Product certifications page.

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