Black Friday (film): raising awareness of occupational safety


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      This film really gets under your skin: an unexpected order comes in. A factory worker suggests adjusting a protective device on a robot. This would enable him to finish the order on time. His manager allows it despite a warning from the security officer.

      The employee suffers an accident that the device would have prevented, leaving him paralysed. The accident ends up in court.

      Here are the key points:

      • Message of the film: Occupational safety is part of a manager's role. As a manager, you are responsible and have to be able to resist economic pressure and stress.
      • Target groups: The film is primarily aimed at managers. They need to be aware of this issue. The consequences and risks of manipulating protective devices are also clearly demonstrated.
      • Tips for presenting the film: This film does not present a ready-made solution in itself. Think about what you want to achieve by showing the film.

      The accompanying brochure provides practical tips on how you could design a follow-up discussion or workshop. Start by collating the facts (e.g. on a flipchart) and discuss the issues surrounding complying with safety rules with your staff.

      Keep your employees up to date on progress made with implementing any associated measures on an ongoing basis.

      This film is available in standard German and Swiss German.

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