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      VDU work has its pitfalls. People who work sitting down are prone to poor posture and tension. An appropriate ergonomic environment can be created with little effort. It is often small adjustments that bring our anatomy into harmony with our workplace.

      Our brochure tells you what you can do to work in a relaxed manner. Pay attention to

      • the positioning of the screen (height, inclination and incidence of light)
      • the individual adjustment of the office chair and desk
      • the positioning of the keyboard, mouse and documents

      It is often unclear how to adjust the office chair in order to sit upright and at the correct distance from the work surface and screen. It is also often overlooked that an office desk can be adjusted in height with little effort. The space under the desk should be free and the "elbow rule" applies to desk height

      It is important to take breaks when working at a screen. Movement and targeted exercises provide variety and relaxation. The eyes are also very strained in front of the monitor and need regular relief. People who wear glasses should make sure they wear suitable screen glasses.

      Distribute our brochure in your company and make your employees aware that they themselves can make a significant contribution to a healthy working posture at the screen.

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