Our financial year in facts and figures

Alongside an annual report, for the 2023 financial year we are also issuing our first sustainability report. Both reports set out what we stand for and what we achieved in 2023. Download PDF versions of both the Sustainability Report and the Annual Report.


      Short and succinct

      • We work daily to optimise the interplay between prevention, insurance and rehabilitation in order to make a significant contribution to the health of our insurees and to keep our premiums as low as possible for our customers.
      • Our latest annual report provides you with a detailed overview of our annual financial statements and balance sheets, and sets out what we have been doing for our customers and insurees over the past business year.
      • You can also find information about our most important projects as well as an overview of the organisation.
      • We make work and leisure time safe.

      Annual report

      In 2023, Suva achieved a positive annual result of CHF 309 million. The average net premium rates decreased in 2023. As a non-profit-oriented company, we pass surpluses on to insurees in the form of premium reductions. In 2023, our insured companies and their employees benefited from refunds of surplus investment returns totalling around CHF 754 million. As a result, premiums reached their lowest average level since the introduction of the Federal Act on Accident Insurance in 1984. 

      This is a pleasing development, which emphasises the value of the Suva model once again – as an organisation that is not motivated by profits, we focus on insurees. We see this as an important contribution to Swiss industry. 

      Sustainability report

      This report gives us the opportunity to provide a comprehensive account of our impact on the environment, society and the economy. We do this on a voluntary basis and, as a major provider of social insurance in Switzerland, we are motivated by a desire to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. 

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