EU declarations of conformity for machinery – examples


      EC declarations of conformity for machines and declarations of incorporation for partly completed machinery - Examples
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      With an EU declaration of conformity, you confirm that your product complies with the Machinery Directive.For partly completed machinery, you require a declaration of incorporation.This documents that your product does not yet meet all of the requirements of the European directives.

      In this fact sheet, we discuss the different types of declaration and show you four examples.To aid your understanding, we explain the meanings of the individual fields.As well as your company name, address and the authorised natural or legal person, it also includes elements such as:

      • A description of your product with identifying information, including the serial number
      • Information as to how it adheres to the Machinery Directive
      • Information on the type-examination or quality assurance
      • List of the applied harmonised and technical standards

      Below this, you will find three different examples of an EU declaration of conformity and one example of a declaration of incorporation.The individual entries are numbered so you can see clearly which information is required for which declaration.

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