Directory of EU directives surrounding the "New Approach" to CE marking


      List of European Directives with CE marking according to the new approach
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      The New Approach Directives contain three core points. First: they cover a large number of products that are subject to the same risks and can be described as being for the same purposes. Second: basic health and safety requirements for certain products are granted a high level of protection within the EU directives. Third: the European standards institutes develop the technical details. These standards are not compulsory in nature; the required level of safety can also be achieved in other ways.

      In this directory you will find:

      • All European directives and ordinances surrounding the CE marking as per the "New Approach"
      • Information as to how Switzerland has integrated the regulations surrounding CE marking in Europe into its own laws
      • all details regarding the implementation of the regulations

      The EU directives discussed in this fact sheet lay out the safety requirements for construction products, machinery and toys, measurement devices and cabling for public transport.

      You can find further information on the topic on our Product certification page. Should you have specific questions or concerns about the CE marking, please contact our specialist team.

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