Safety of machinery – important Type-B standards


      Safety of machinery - Important type-B standards
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      Machinery and other products within the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland have to comply with the requirements of CE conformity.Standards help you to implement the safety regulations in accordance with the Machinery Directive.In this leaflet, we discuss the most important Type-B standards.

      Type-B standards relate to safety technology and do not apply to a single machine, but rather a group of different machines or applications.They govern requirements for protection devices and detailed safety aspects such as the functional safety of a machine controller.

      In our leaflet, we provide an overview of commonly used Type-B standards.The standards are divided into the following groups of specific risks:

      • Mechanical hazards
      • Electrical hazards
      • Thermal hazards
      • Noise hazards
      • Vibration hazards
      • Radiation hazards
      • Material and substance hazards
      • Ergonomic hazards

      For many standards, we also refer you to publications that provide further detail on the standard concerned.

      You can find further information on machine safety and CE conformity on our Product certification page.

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