The universe of European standards for electrical equipment


      The universe of European standards for the safety of electrical equipment
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      The universe of European standards (EN) can be explained using terms from the field of astronomy. At the centre is the Low Voltage Directive. Around this “sun” orbit various types of standards on different paths.In our fact sheet, we show you how the EN system for electrical equipment works.

      As stated above, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU applies above all other standards. Underneath it come:

      • the generic standards that govern general aspects of safety
      • the product family standards that apply to groups of similar products
      • the product standards that define specific safety requirements for individual products

      We provide examples for each level of standard. For example, generic standard EN 61140 governs protection against electric shock; product family standard EN 60950 defines the safety of information technology equipment; and product standard EN 60215 applies to radio transmitting equipment. Please note that standards in all areas often comprise multiple parts.

      It is not unusual to sometimes feel a little lost in this universe. We are happy to help. Our experienced specialists are always up to date on the latest European standards for devices and components of electrical equipment.

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