Resources and stress – workshop for leaders (with a specialist)

This specialist-led workshop provides an overview of the origins and consequences of stressful situations while offering tips for relieving stress and building resilience against pressure. It therefore contributes to reducing stress-related illnesses, accidents and loss of working hours in your company.


      Short and succinct

      Work-related stress is among the most common causes of accidents and illnesses. Why is this the case?

      • Certain behaviours and actions by colleagues or and supervisors can overwhelm or distract employees, or even put them under time pressure.
      • Our prevention module helps leaders to recognise stressful situations and prevent loss of working hours.


      Participants will...

      • examine their own behaviour when under stress and identify ways to improve this. 
      • analyse difficult management situations and learn to act as a resource. 
      • be excited to work together on actively shaping their management task.

      Target group

      • The workshop is aimed at managers.


      This workshop will cover the following topics:

      • the basics of stress and stress management that are worth knowing
      • practical relevance through experience-based exercises 
      • ways of dealing with stress
      • self-analysis of stress periods and reactions
      • development of measure to manage stress
      • reflection on individual management behaviours and the development of suggestions for improvement

      Basic requirements

      PreparationOne hour
      Implementation3.5 hours
      Town/cityYour company’s premises
      Group sizeMaximum 12 people per group
      Method of implementationWith a specialist
      CostsFrom CHF 800.00

      Space and infrastructure requirements

      • Chairs and tables
      • Power connection
      • Projector or large screen
      • Loud speaker
      • Flipchart with markers

      The client provides the necessary infrastructure and technology.


      Course of action

      1. Planning the workshop well ahead of time
      2. Order the prevention module at least two months before the desired training date
      3. Reservation of a training room for 12 people
      4. Preparation of technical infrastructure
      5. Sending the invitation with information to the participants
      1. Suva’s specialist leads the workshop and requests feedback from the participants
      1. Feedback to supervisors
      2. Supporting regular reflection on what has been learnt

      Preventing accidents is an ongoing process. You can encourage your employees to take the initiative by regularly conducting prevention modules, so plan your next one in early.


      Order module

      Yes, I would like to implement the module

      This module must be implemented with a specialist from Suva. It can be held either on your premises or at an external location.