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Sleep away your stress – basics of stress and sleep (specialist-led)

Companies recognise the importance of their employees’ mental health. Which resources do we need to help us deal with the daily challenges in our lives? And how do we develop our resources? Our specialist-led workshop provides realistic and clear answers to these questions.


      Short and succinct

      Participants learn about the basics of stress and sleep in an interactive setting, and develop methods to strengthen their inner resources in an easy-to-digest form. The module is also suitable for employees from different linguistic backgrounds. Participants will be introduced to Martin’s story and learn from it to identify and analyse the challenges associated with stress and sleep. The workshop lasts for just 60 minutes and serves as an ideal introduction to the topic of stress and sleep.


      • Participants are able to identify their own suitable resources to help them better manage stress.
      • Sleep is identified as one such important resource.
      • Participants will be inspired to implement their own stress-busting resources.

      Target group

      • The workshop is aimed at all employees in your company.


      The course is led by a specialist and will provide the following:

      • reflection on participants’ own experiences of stress and sleep
      • overview of relevant stressors with regard to sleep and stress based on Martin’s story.
      • improved knowledge and understanding of stress and sleep-related issues
      • practical tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and better manage stress
      • participants will be able to create their own tips to help themselves get a good night’s sleep and better manage stress

      Basic requirements

      ImplementationOne hour
      Town/cityYour company’s premises
      Group sizeMaximum 15 people per group
      Method of implementationWith expert
      CostsFrom CHF 800.–

      Space needs and infrastructure

      • The client is responsible for providing the necessary technology and infrastructure,
      • and must prepare a space with a power connection, projector, adequate seating and ball-point pens.


      • Order the prevention module at least two months before the desired training date
      • Make arrangements for rooms and technical infrastructure
      • Inform and invite participants
      • Suva’s specialist leads the workshop and requests feedback from the participants.
      • Feedback forwarded to supervisors
      • Use the course documents in the resources box to build on what has been learnt

      Preventing accidents is an ongoing process. You can encourage your employees to take the initiative by regularly conducting prevention modules, so plan your next one in early.

      Order module

      Yes, I would like to implement the module

      This module must be implemented with a specialist from Suva. It can be held either on your premises or at an external location.