Anti-stress workshop – let's learn how to relieve stress (with a specialist)

Your employees will learn how to relieve tension and stress under the guidance of a specialist. The module comprises six key points and introduces a range of stress-busting methods, including balance exercises, breathing techniques and thought management.


      Short and succinct

      Participants will learn about how they can relieve stress and regain their composure after a stressful situation. This helps your employees to avoid sinking into a chronic state of stress, empowering them to become more productive and to maintain a better equilibrium.


      Participants will...

      • become aware of their own reaction to stressful periods and will learn how to assess this realistically. 
      • expand their personal capacity to deal with their own stress factors and tension. 
      • be encouraged to apply their own preferred approach to relaxing in everyday life. 

      Target group

      • The workshop is aimed at all employees.


      The six points of the anti-stress workshop

      Each of the points covered in the module provides your employees with different strategies to reduce stress effectively and improve how they manage stressful situations.

      All of the material required for this module will be delivered in a resource box.

      1. Managing thoughts
      2. Practising breathing techniques
      3. Performing balance exercises
      4. Practising mindfulness
      5. Take breaks
      6. Good sleep hygiene
      Booklet Anti-Stress-Workshop

      Basic requirements

      PreparationOne hour
      ImplementationTwo hours
      Town/cityYour company’s premises
      Group sizeMaximum 12 people per group
      Method of implementationWith a specialist
      CostsFrom CHF 800.-

      Space and infrastructure requirements

      It is important that there are two rooms available to ensure that the anti-stress workshop can be conducted to a good standard.

      • One large room for the plenary session and four points.
      • The second room should have space for two points. A table is needed for each point.
      • A projector or a large screen with a sound system and flipchart

      Course of action

      • Order the prevention module at least two months before the desired training date
      • Make arrangements re: rooms and technical infrastructure
      • Information and invitation to employees
      • Specialist sets up the stations for each point of the module before the first workshop
      • Specialist delivers the prevention module and requests feedback from the participants
      • Specialist dismantles the stations after the last workshop
      • Return of the box (return label attached)
      • Pass on any feedback to supervisors
      • Supporting regular reflection on what has been learnt
      1. Feedback to supervisors
      2. Supporting regular reflection on what has been learnt

      Preventing accidents is an ongoing process. You can encourage your employees to take the initiative by regularly conducting prevention modules, so plan your next one in early.


      Order module

      Yes, I would like to implement the module

      This module must be implemented with a specialist from Suva. It can be held either on your premises or at an external location.