Resources and stress – workshop for employees (with a specialist)

Supervisors and employees agree that stress is one of the main causes of lost of working hours in the workplace. In our workshop, your employees will learn how to deal with stress under the guidance of a specialist. They will analyse situations that they find stressful as individuals and discover methods for strengthening their own resources.


      Short and succinct

      Deadline pressure, organisational changes or personal worries weigh on our minds and cause stress, which can quickly lead to accidents, stress-related illnesses and loss of working hours. Our workshop provides a range of experience-based exercises to help your employees better recognise stressful situations and improve how they manage stress.


      Participants will...

      • experience the stress process by means of an exercise and will work out the relevant factors that contribute to it. 
      • choose ways to solve their own example of stress and will plan how to implement them. 
      • be motivated to improve how they deal with stress.

      Target group

      • The workshop is aimed at all employees in your company.


      The course is led by a specialist and will provide the following:

      • valuable information and practical tools to improve the way in which participants deal with stress
      • experience-based exercises in which participants test the knowledge gained
      • analysis of individual experiences
      • guidance on recognising personal stressful periods and establishing effective counter-measures.

      Basic requirements

      Implementation2 hours
      Town/cityYour company's premises
      Group sizeMaximum 12 people per group
      Method of implementationWith a specialist
      CostsFrom CHF 800.-

      Space and infrastructure requirements

      • The client is responsible for providing the necessary technology and infrastructure.
      • Preparation of a room with a power connection, projector, loud speaker, flipchart with markers, tables, chairs and ballpoint pens.

      Course of action

      1. Order the prevention module at least two months before the desired training date
      2. Make arrangements re: rooms and technical infrastructure
      3. Inform and invite participants
      1. Suva’s specialist leads the workshop and requests feedback from the participants.
      1. Feedback forwarded to supervisors
      2. Use the course documents in the resources box to build on what has been learnt
      1. Feedback to supervisors
      2. Supporting regular reflection on what has been learnt

      Preventing accidents is an ongoing process. You can encourage your employees to take the initiative by regularly conducting prevention modules, so plan your next one in early.


      Order module

      Yes, I would like to implement the module

      This module must be implemented with a specialist from Suva. It can be held either on your premises or at an external location.