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      Doors and gates in the European constellation of rules
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      Manufacturers and distributors are having to deal with an increasing number of regulations.No wonder it is often difficult to find a way through this dense forest of laws.In our fact sheet, we show you how the European regulatory universe for gates is structured.

      The image on the front page of our information sheet shows how the EU directives interlink with Swiss law in a variety of ways.These include:

      • European Regulation 305/2011 on construction products
      • the Federal Act on Construction Products (ConProdA) and
      • the associated Ordinance on Construction Products (ConPO)

      As soon as a gate features a motorised drive train, you as the manufacturer must also take into account the stipulations of the European Machinery Directive, the Low Voltage Directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.These European regulations have been adopted into Swiss law and are therefore also binding in Switzerland.

      The European harmonised standards are a tried and tested source of assistance when it comes to meeting the necessary safety requirements.You will therefore also find all EU standards relating to the various directives in our overview.

      For further information, please visit our Product certification TODO_link page.Should you have a specific query relating to the safety of gates, please contact our specialists.

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