Process for achieving CE conformity for machinery and PPEFP


      CE conformity procedure for machines, partly completed machinery and personal protective equipment against falls from a height
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      During the development of technical products, many questions arise surrounding the stipulations, standards and rules for technology.So it is crucial that you can make sure the legal specifications are met during the manufacturing process, and not just once your product is complete.

      This is where our fact sheet comes in.It shows you what you need to be aware of when it comes to manufacturing machinery, partly completed machinery and personal protection equipment for fall prevention.The route to conformity mostly follows a single, consistent process.

      It comprises six steps:

      • Identifying the relevant regulations
      • Manufacturing in line with the basic requirements for safety and health protection
      • Technical documentation
      • Conformity assessment
      • Declaration of conformity
      • CE marking

      You will find a series of tables in our information sheet.They describe the process for manufacturing:

      • Machinery in line with the Machinery Directive
      • Partly completed machinery in line with the Machinery Directive
      • Machinery where the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive also applies
      • PPEFP in line with the Ordinance on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment

      In each table, we discuss the six process steps, describing the required actions, explaining the applicable regulations and referring you to supporting documentation with the corresponding publication number.

      For further information on machine conformity, please visit our Product certification page.

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