Our type-examination for products – a safe pathway into the EU market

If you manufacture or place on the market a machine, safety component, safety control, low-voltage switchgear or personal protective equipment against falls from a height, you are responsible for its safety.But people often lack knowledge of the complex regulations and standards in this area.Here you will find out why a professional type-examination is worth it.


      Short and succinct

      We are an accredited certification body for EU type-examinations.Our experienced engineers are familiar with the requirements of the accredited sector , have an in-depth knowledge of its standards and can be relied on to identify weaknesses in your machinery's safety. That is why countless companies trust in our experience in CE conformity and safety regulations.

      A certificate from Suva CERTIFICATION:

      • confirms that your product meets the basic requirements for safety and health protection
      • is a compelling selling point
      • grants access to the European Economic Area

      You will also benefit from our expertise should you wish for your machine to be stamped as a «safe product». Get in touch with us or apply  for a type-examination for your product. You can find out more about our services and how much they cost in our fee schedule  for product certification.

      Proof of verified safety

      A type-examination certificate is a key component for successful market entry.Issuing a type-examination certificate requires national accreditation and, under certain circumstances, a European notification.Our certification body "Suva CERTIFICATION" meets these requirements, making our certificates valid throughout the entire European Economic Area.

      As companies are legally obliged to use safe products, this is an important factor when making new acquisitions.This compliance is a convincing selling point for you as a manufacturer.That is why it is worthwhile to get a corroborated type-examination which, when successfully completed, certifies the product's safety and health protection.

      For transparency and informational purposes, we publish all certificates in our database (only german/french/italian).

      Examples of type-examinations

      Für das Verrichten von Arbeiten unterhalb von Brücken wird ein Brückenuntersichtgerät eingesetzt. Auf diesem Arbeitsmittel befinden sich Personen.
      We carry out type-examinations for machines of all shapes and sizes.
      Ein Handlingroboter im Einsatz.
      Our certification service also includes type-examinations for handling robots.
      Do you want your safety components and controls to meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive? Then Suva CERTIFICATION is the place for you.
      We certify electrical products, safety components, sensitive protective equipment, as well as mechanical, electromechanical and electrical components.
      Zwei Schütze, die sich in Form, Grösse und Farbe unterscheiden.
      We certify low-voltage switchgear such as contactors, contactor relays, switches and enabling devices.
      Our certification service also includes type-examinations for building hoists.
      Zwei Personen mit einer persönlichen Schutzausrüstung gegen Absturz reparieren auf einer Seilbahnstütze die Rollenbatterie.
      When working at heights, ensuring that employees can rely on their personal protective equipment against falls from a height is a matter of life or death.
      Ein Industriekletterer besteigt einen Mast. Viele Meter unter ihm verläuft eine Strasse dem Seeufer entlang.
      We certify the safety of personal protective equipment against falls from a height for harness systems, fall arrest systems and abseiling systems.

      Our database is the best reference

      In our database  (only german/french/italian), you can find all the type-examinations that we have carried out since 1 January 1993. It contains the current, superseded, expired and annulled certificates. And you will also see which machines, facilities, machine components and personal protective equipment hold a Suva CERTIFICATION and which customers have commissioned us to carry out type-examinations.


      If you have any questions about the EU type-examination, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be happy to advise you.Needless to say, you can also book a consultation appointment.

      These emblems distinguish us as a certification body

      Links ist das rot-weisses Emblem mit dem Schweizerkreuz und dem Text Swiss Accreditation abgebildet. Rechts das blau-weisse Oval der IAF mit dem Text Member of Multilateral Recognition Arrangement.

      Switzerland and the European Union recognise Suva CERTIFICATION as a notified conformity assessment body for machines and personal protective equipment (notified body 1246).

      Easy access to additional information

      Product safety: legal provisions

      Product safety is regulated by various laws and ordinances. We have compiled links to the Swiss documents here. For each topic, we have also included links to the European equivalents. We update this list on an ongoing basis.

      Below are some useful links for your specific product category. You can find the Machinery Directive, the guide and the standards in just one click.


      Safety components and safety controls

      Low-voltage switchgear

      • Directive 2014/35/EU  on the making available on the market of electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (Low Voltage Directive)
      • Guide to application of the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
      • Lists of harmonised standards giving presumption of conformity for the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

      Personal protective equipment against falls from a height

      Downloads and orders

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